‘Christine is one hell of a workout’ by Unknown

In my opinion is one of the best CrossFit workouts for Handball Players and that’s why is my first choice for this series of workout routines.









So, what is the ‘Christine’ WOD (for you that don’t know, WOD means Workout of the Day. It’s used in the CrossFit community to identify the workouts). It’s a 3 round for time of 500m rowing + 12 Deadlifts BW + 21 Box Jumps 50cm/60cm

Describing the workout:

Goal – Finish in the fastest time possible.

Exercises – Rowing + Deadlift + Box Jumps (find this at the exercise library)

Sets – 3 sets

Reps – 500m Rowing + 12 Deadlift BW* + 21 Box Jumps 50cm/60cm (this height means that the girls jump to a 50cm box and the boys to a 60cm box).

*BW means that you need to use your weight on the bar. For example, if you weight 80 kg you need to put 60 kg in a 20 kg barbell).









When the clock starts you do 500m of rowing, then go to the barbell on the floor and perform 12 flawless deadlifts and after it, you go to the box and jump 21 times to the top of the box. 1st set completed, Great! Now you only need to do it again 2 more times…

There is no rest between sets, you rest just when you need to breathe, recover your senses, get back to life or come back from the hospital!

Why this is a good workout for Handball Players?

Because I say it is and because:

  • It has 3 very good exercises to give strength to the posterior chain;
  • It will give you an awesome conditioning;
  • It is scalable to every level of fitness;
  • It is a short workout. You should do it around 10minutes;










Give it a try but be careful, you might get addicted to this suffering 😉

3, 2, 1, Go!


If you have doubts, questions or just want to say something, leave your comments below please 🙂 It’s very important to us hearing your thoughts.

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