Macro Nutrients – Protein

Q: Many of you already know what Protein is right?

A: Of course, is that powder supplement that comes with different flavours in jars with big bodybuilders pictures in the label.

True but not all the truth!


Protein is the macro nutrient responsible to build the muscle. This macro nutrient can be found in large quantities in foods like red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy and some vegetables. Those are the sources of all protein and if you are buying a protein supplement you are buying a processed product of one of these sources. Makes sense?

If your goal is to build muscle and by that, I mean having a lean body, not be a competitive bodybuilder. You should take protein in each meal.

All meals should be balanced with all 3 macro nutrients, but what I usually see is many of the breakfasts and snacks out there are just Carbs and Fat. That’s why so many of you have difficulty to lose weight, build muscle, increase strength or look better.


Many authors say that protein is the building blocks of our body.

To make this more visual let’s consider each one of our muscles like a brick wall ok? Every time you go to a practice or a game you are breaking down some of these walls, depending the type of effort you are doing, it maybe legs, arms, back, chest or all body.

After the effort, when you are recovering, the body, as a perfect machine, will start to build the walls again. But, such as any constructor knows, you can not build walls without bricks, right? If you don’t eat protein, you are not allowing your body to build muscles.

About the sources of protein, I will not enter the discussion of what is better. We have so many examples of people just eating vegetables and becoming Pro Bodybuilders, others that just eat chicken and fish. You have to find what works better for you!

My advice to you is:

Eat fresh food ⇒ Vary your meals ⇒ Experiment


If you have doubts, questions or just want to say something, leave your comments below please 🙂 It’s very important to us hearing your thoughts.

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