Omega 3

I want and need to say this. Omega 3 is one of my baseline supplements all year round. Even though I eat a lot of fish (almost every day), taking Omega 3 every day makes me feel better.

If you are looking for scientific research about Omega 3 and you are expecting to learn specific vocabulary about molecules, diseases or some fancy stuff, forget it.

I only write about my own experience and my years of experience training and coaching hundreds of athletes.

For reading about Omega 3 benefits and functions, you have thousands of articles saying almost the same thing. Just choose one of the top searches on google.

This being said, you MUST consume Omega 3! So eat fish, all kind of fish, at least 3/4 times a week.

The ones I prefer are:

  • Salmon (preferably, wild, once it has more omega-3s than farmed salmon)
  • Sardines
  • Cod Fish
  • Tuna

And what about Omega 3 supplements? Do you need them?

Yes, you do. I take 2gr of EPA+DHA each day and the benefits I feel are:

Inflammation reduction, in general – I have sinusitis problems, but after I start taking high doses of Omega 3 I rarely feel the symptoms;

Joint pain reduction – With all the squats and presses I do, I often have pain on my knees and elbows. During 2 weeks, I’ve stopped taking Omega 3 supplements and I felt worst, with more pain in the joints and even more stiffness;

General health improvement – I haven’t numbers or clear results to show you, but the truth is that I’m feeling better now, generally speaking, as I increased the intake of Omega 3;

Cholesterol reduction – I never had big numbers in cholesterol analysis. But, after increase the Omega 3 intake, those numbers reduce to optimal levels.

Cool Sérgio, so which Omega 3 supplement to choose? There are dozens of similar products.

The Omega 3 I take is:

The Best

The Best Buy (if you need to have your costs under control)

What to check when comparing the different Omega 3 available in the market?

You will see that all products have the same or similar amount of fish oil. So, look for the concentration of EPA+DHA in each capsule. These Fat Acids are the most important and the ones that define the quality of a product.

Finally, take the capsules with the meals. All at one time or you can divide throughout the day, you decide.

If you have doubts, questions or just want to say something, leave your comments below please 🙂 It’s very important to us hearing your thoughts.

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